Graz in short

Graz: 7 details you should know

Graz is the 2nd largest town in Austria with about 290.000 citizens.

The capital of Styria is a well known as a university town. About 60.000 students live in Graz and attend one of the 8 universities in the Graz-area. Alone 30.000 of them are studying at the "Karl-Franzens-Universität" (photo), the largest university in Styria.

Despite the relatively strong tides of the city’s river ‚Mur‘ an island close to the inner city is staying put. The Culture- and Arts-Center ‚Murinsel‘ is an artificially installed island, built in 2003. It is also known as the 2nd, but modern town's landmark - a clear contrast to the "old" Clock Tower on Castle Hill.

The "LKH Universitätsklinikum" (Federal State Hospital) is the largest Art Nouveau building in whole Austria. A beautiful church named "Zum heiligsten Erlöser" (photo) is also part of the huge facility.

The Main Square is the historic center of the city, being home to the Town Hall, numerous shops, charming restaurants and some stops of main tramlines - and at the end of the year to the Grazer Christmas market, of course.

You can also take a walk to catch the top of Castle Hill. The "Friedensweg" (Path of Piece) has 260 stairs and leads you directly from the city-center (Schlossbergplatz) to Clock Tower. The 15-minutes-walk will reward you with a breathtaking perspective oon the town and its beautiful surroundings.

The Uhrturm (Clock Tower), one of the most impressive sites of Graz, was already built in the 13th century.

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