Graz - Styria

Besides enjoying the event in the ice rink you will have the chance to explore the second biggest city of Austria with its 280.000 residents. Graz is well-known for its outstanding hospitality, a lovely landscape, historic buildings and – last but ot least – excellent Austrian cuisine and viniculture.

From the famous "Uhrturm" on the castle hill to the so called "Murinsel", dreamy alleyways and noble houses from the Wilhelminian era on one side, futuristic buildings designed by international starchitects on the other - Graz offers a great variety of things to discover on very short distances.

The center of Graz and its town hall are well worth a visit, what you can see on photo 1 (leftmost). The main symbol of the city is the prominent clock tower on the castle hill (photo 2). On top of the rocky home hill of Graz you will get a perfect view on the Kunsthaus. On Picture 3 it almost looks like a space ship from a far far away world. The "Murinsel" on photo 4 (rightmost) is the modern counterpart to the clock tower. The spectacular construction was designed by New York artist Vito Acconci in 2003.

© photo 1, 2: Region Graz / Harry Schiffer; photo 3: Georg Mittenecker / Lizenz; photo 4: Andrew Bossi / Lizenz

GRAZ – Culture and Culinary Delights

A kiss on the left cheek, a kiss on the right cheek, and a whimsical twinkle in her eye: Austria’s southern beauty and the capital of Styria, Graz will grab you straight away with its serene beauty, charme and passion for foods and flavors. A young, vibrant city that you just can’t help but fall in love with.

In Graz, cultural and culinary delights are inseparably interconnected – and everyone is invited to take a seat at the richly laid table. The Old Town of Graz, a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site that courageously sets itself apart from other historically significant cities with its spectacular modern architecture, is bustling with music and joie de vivre. The Cultural Capital of Europe 2003 still spares no effort in enthusing its visitors with an array of enticing cultural highlights, events and festivals such as the Austrian film festival Diagonale“ in March, the prestigious classical music festival styriarte or the annual festival of theatre, street performances and puppetry La Strada. Musical performances at the Graz Opera house, the Schauspielhaus, at hip museums like the Kunsthaus or stunning baroque venues such as Eggenberg Palace, add to the cultural bouquet.

Outstanding architectural masterpieces like the artificial Island in the Mur and the Kunsthaus Graz, known as the “Friendly Alien”, are symbols of modernism and growth, adjacent to historical treasures like the façade of the Herzoghof building in the city centre, known as the “Painted House“, and the Renaissance style Town Hall, built in 1550. Graz is a city of courageous contrasts and proud to be a member of the UNESCO City of Design family.

It’s been said that the way to any person’s heart is through their stomach. And in Graz, the way to the city’s soul is through its food.

The city has officially earned the title “Capital of Delight“, wowing visitors with numerous culinary events all year round. In August, Austria’s most exciting food festival will take place in Graz, attracting some of the brightest stars of modern cuisine and  aspiring young chefs. In September, the city presents itself from its  folkloric side. The festival Aufsteirern“ celebrates Styrian folk culture in all of its facets:  food, music, dance and fashion design. You’ll spot Lederhosen and traditional Dirndl dresses all over the city. And of course, local producers, winemakers and restaurateurs will be ready to set your tastebuds alight with regional and seasonal delicacies.

The region’s Mediterranean climate adds to the city’s laid-back southern lifestyle and provides perfect conditions for growing excellent wines, fruit and vegetables.

An annual highlight of the culinary calendar is the “Long Table of Graz“ (Lange Tafel) in August, when 27 chefs will set a unique table for 700 guests in Graz city centre.

You see: It’s easy to instantly fall in love with Graz. And if it’s not love at first sight, it will definitely be love at second sight.

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The venue of the Championships "Steiermarkhalle" is located in Premstätten, a nice little suburb of Graz, that is very happy to welcome our international guests. More Information can be found here: Premstätten toursim