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Help wanted: #EuroFigure mascots looking for names!

The mascots of the European Figure Skating Championships 2020 in Graz have already been presented on our social media plattforms.

The Pumpkin

A true delicacy in Styrian cuisine is Styrian pumpkin seed oil made from sun-ripened pumpkins by local farmers. With a mild nutty flavour, rich green colour and viscous consistency it is the perfect topping for every meal! Make sure to give it a try during your stay at #EuroFigure in #Graz2020!

The Grape

Viticulture is one of the oldest cultural traditions in Austria. As early as 2500 years ago, the Celts knew and used the grapes that grew wild here. Therefore Styria is known for it's different types of wine. The geographical factors of climate, soil and location provide Styrian wines with their characteristic fruity taste of ripe grapes. "Schilcher" and "Junker" are only two of many types, you should really try while your stay at the European Championships in Graz.

The Waterdrop

Austria is considered one of Europe's most water-wealthy countries, and the water quality in Austria is excellent. A great reason to bring our third mascot alive: The Drop of Water.

But the true question here is, what are their names?! And this is where you step into the picture: Help us decide what to call are amazing mascots!

Head over to our Instagram page and vote, which name we should give our three mascots. Then we can bring them alive so that you can meet them in January at #EuroFigure in #Graz2020!



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